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Fic de Glee: That Damn Dress
Title: That Damn Dress
Author: Adriana Adurens (drikadas)
Beta: niblettk - thanks a lot for your work!
Rating: nc-17 ? There's no sex scenes.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Kurt Hummel, OC, Kurt/OC one-sided
Genre: Angst, I think
Warning: homophobic language and behavior
Spoilers: There's that new character from 2.01 but if you blink you miss it
Disclaimer: not mine
Author Notes: made to fill my own prompt here (yeah, I know, pathetic) but it went completely different from what I was thinking, mostly because of this fanfic by oh_you_dork. Hope he/she doesn't mind it. ;)
Summary: There are also those so deep in their closets that they themselves don’t even realize; couldn’t recognize their own desires and needs, even with it parading with big lights and annoying honks right under their noses.
Word Count: 1879

It all starts as a silly thing, really.

Kurt is the only out and proud gay at McKinley High, but you can’t really expect for him to be the only gay. Surely there are others, carefully hidden in their closets; torn with envy at Hummel’s courage or pity at his stupidity. There are also those so deep in their closets that they themselves don’t even realize; couldn’t recognize their own desires and needs, even with it parading with big lights and annoying honks right under their noses.

Take this jock, for example. He’s laughing with his friends at Hummel’s new pink shirt. He’s been staring quite intently when the fag strips off said pink shirt, and another two after that – how he managed not to look fat with that many layers on is beyond… Oh, he has such a narrow waist. And… his nipples are pink.

You see, a guy can’t know he wants to tap that when his own brain, after years of prejudice and malice introduced to him by his parents, his friends and Lima society, gives him the only response that can possibly be right just as Hummel is unbuttoning his designer jeans – how many buttons does a pair of jeans need again?

“Get out of my way, fag. Nobody wants to know how turned on you are,” he says gruffly. As he passes, he pushes the fairy against his locker door, passing him to greet his friends at the other side of the room.

One day, lazing around his house, he sees his sister and mom throwing away some things.

“But it still looks so good on you, honey!” his mom whines, placing a frilly white dress in front of his sister, “You look so cute in it.”

All she gets is a roll of eyes and the usual bored answer, “That’s the point, mom! I don’t want to look cute. I’m already a woman!”

“You’re only fourteen!”

His sister sighs dramatically, grabbing the dress from his mother’s hands and tossing it away with other clothes and toys in a box tagged “kiddy stuff.”

Now can you explain him thinking how much that fag at school would love to wear something like his sister’s dress? He thinks of how good it would look against that pale pink skin, but quickly dismisses that train of thought – even though he dreams of it that night.

Before going to school the next day, he goes through his sister’s kiddy box and stuffs the white thing under his books, in the bottom of his backpack. He can’t stop thinking about Hummel wearing the damned dress. He thinks, brilliantly, that it’s just another amazing prank waiting to happen.

For some reason he can’t bring the subject up with his friends. He goes to and from classes, walking with the other jocks like he always does. It’s just that his hand seems to make its way to the bottom of his backpack, rubbing the roughened, old material there.

Every time he sees Hummel, his hand finds its way to that spot in his backpack. He can feel it burning under his fingertips, like the dress is impatiently waiting to be around that lithe body.

He goes home somehow disappointed with himself.

That night, he dreams about Hummel wearing the dress again. Kurt’s alone in one of McKinley’s hallways, wearing the dress like he has every fucking right to, like he owns the school and has control over every pitiful soul who attends. Then he starts walking – no, not just walking. He’s like a model on a runway.

Suddenly, Hummel is right in front of him, and it would be impossible in anything but a dream, and he’s barefoot and beautiful, smiling like he does only to that bunch of geeks in the Glee Club. He’s smiling and accepting and his hands are pulling that damned dress up, and up, and…

He wakes up and can’t ignore his hard-on. He tries to fight it, but even thinking about his grandpa crapping in his pants doesn’t help. Maybe I shouldn’t fight it, but work with it, he thinks, trying to focus his unhelpful brain on girls with nice boobs and cheerleaders with tiny skirts.

After the fifth time those skirts turn into white dresses and those boobs into tiny pink nipples on a flat chest, he gives up. Grabbing his backpack, he practically tears the dress from underneath all his things, holding the soft fabric against his cock.

He doesn’t think anything at all between the first hard strokes and he’s glad for that. But it only takes one moment, only one thought – thanks to his traitorous mind – of a barefoot Hummel pulling that dress up his pale, firm legs, and he’s done.

In his blissful state, he wonders briefly if he could ever orgasm like that again. Holding the dress close to his chest, the thought of coming on his sister’s dress is more disturbing than the prospect of using the fag to masturbate again. But he’s sleeping within seconds and figures he can fret over it in the morning.

The next day, he’s late for school. (You try washing a sticky and gross white dress with only shampoo during your shower and then come back to talk to him about his lateness.) He left the dress drying in his bedroom window, behind the curtains. The window was high enough that no one could see it from the ground, and it faced the backyard, so it was just a matter of locking his bedroom door – it’s not something he hasn’t done before, what with his annoying sister around – and he could go to school in peace.

He misses the feeling of the dress near his hand. He’s extra mean to Hummel for the dream and the best orgasm he ever had. He can’t explain his logic, even to himself, but it feels good to tuck his arms under the fag’s armpits and watch him disappear beneath the black plastic bags. So there.

Back at home, he ignores his mother inquiry about his locked door and goes straight to his room. The dress is completely dry and he gets a wire hanger to hang it, facing him, in the closet. He fights really hard to not see the irony in it but his cock is already hard and, minutes later, he’s so satisfied with himself that he can’t muster the energy to care.

If he can’t stop thinking about Hummel in that damn dress, he rationalizes, maybe seeing it firsthand will make him normal again. Determined, he goes again to school with the dress in the bottom of his backpack.

“Hey, check it out,” he calls a couple of his friends over, pulling the soft, if somewhat creased, fabric out to show them.

Smirking, one of them digs, “What? You wanna dress up?”

“No, dumbass,” he punches the guy’s shoulder, “My sister was throwing things away the other day… I thought maybe we could recycle this one.” He tilts his head at Hummel, who’s walking arm in arm with that black chick again, “The faggot likes guys? I think we should make him feel like a proper girl, then.”

They love it. They can barely hold themselves together as the fag and the black chick walk past them, somewhat suspicious but grateful there weren’t cruel jokes thrown at them this time.

The others get to Hummel without him.

His cell phone blinks with a new message from one of the guys. “We got the fag. Room 308A.” Somehow this news doesn’t make him happy. He feels something cold turning in his stomach, just thinking of Hummel alone with his friends. They didn’t have the right to…

To what?

Wasn’t everything going according to plan? Why should he care if he isn’t the one who got the fag? Why would he want to hold the fag down while others get to strip him? Why would he need to feel how smooth Hummel’s pale pink skin really is?

Faking a stomach pain he doesn’t really need to fake, he runs to the appointed room, throwing open the door with a loud bang.

“Shit!” one guy hisses, the fear turning to relief as he sees who it is, “Damn it! Try being a little louder next time?”

Hummel is being held down by two guys. He’s trashing and kicking all he can, but big guys like them don’t have a problem holding someone small like him. His hair is in complete disarray and, under one big hand, his cheeks are flushed red under the effort he’s putting into breaking free.

The third guy is taking Hummel’s clothes off; his boots and socks are already off and they’re trying to get to his pants.

It’s like having a Sue Sylvester screaming into his head to man up and get going because this fairy won’t be naked voluntarily. He pushes the unnecessary third guy away from Kurt and begins pulling, stretching – even ripping when it won’t submit to his will – all the clothes from that sinful body.

When he’s done, panting and smiling, he sees that Hummel is crying silently, limp against his friend’s grip. And how can that freak have abnormally beautiful eyes even while crying? All of him is beautiful; a sight worth all the trouble.

He gets closer: he needs to see Hummel in detail. Every sweat drop, every fine hair, every pore.

“Don’t worry. We’ll make you feel like a real girl.”

And when they’re finished, they drop him in the middle of the hall, right before the bell. Hummel’s feet touch the ground, the jock releases his body, and then hundreds of teenagers are filling the corridors.

At first, nobody realizes what’s happening until someone bumps into Hummel and then they stop and stare, everybody stopping until the hallway is filled with students standing in stunned silence, watching a boy in a girly dress, barefoot and trembling.

The jock isn’t near him anymore. He keeps walking with his friends without looking back, away from the “crime scene.” He wishes he had stayed.

Later, they hear that Hummel wasn’t crying, not anymore. People say he was flushed red, alright, but from anger. He’d shouted at Finn, who’d only tried to help him, and almost punched Puck, who made some comment about his “fine legs.” Apparently, he even slapped Sam when asked if he was wearing panties or briefs.

Only when Mercedes came running and swept Kurt away to the girl’s bathroom with a heavy looking bag did he calm down.

He didn’t know what to feel. Happy? Frustrated? He settled for a sense of fulfillment: a sour sense of fulfillment. He doesn’t have the dress with him anymore but he will always have the image of a naked, trembling and crying Hummel burned beneath his eyelids.

It will help him at night.

During the day, he stays the same: throwing slurs at the faggot, grabbing him with a little too much force to hurt at the dumpsters, punching him on rare, but perfect, occasions.

By night, he dreams of fucking Hummel.

Until, rumor has it, Hummel has a boyfriend. Then, he starts dreaming of making love to Kurt. He cries silently through the night, thinking about what he did and what he can never have.


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Wow... I... wow o.o

Yeah, that was amazing!

I don't even know how to say this, because... Oh my dear god, this is so completely personal and I think I feel bad for intruding in his mind!

This was very well written and you rock, miss.

Are you MY Rachel? ;)

Oh god, you have Mickey Mouse ears on your username! <3 You are, you ARE my Tach! \o/

I miss you *hugs and holds and makes you s.t.a.y. 4evah*


*hugs and squeezes*

Nevah gonna get rid of me now.

And I miss you too...

Check out my livejournal later, I uploaded glee's songs :3


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It's my new power, my midas writing touch! \o/

Can I just place Karofsky's name here and there and maybe change tags a little? ^^"

Shhh, I'm writing (trying to) a Kave (Kurt + Dave) fic! /o/

This was quite, quite remarkable. You got into the narrator's head so well, I've never really got the whole "homophobes are repressed homosexuals" argument before but it's beginning to make a little sense now.

Really well done!

This was well written. You could really experience the deep denial the character had for his homoerotic feelings towards Kurt.

My only thing is, why did you submit this in the puckurt community when the meat of the story has to do with the feelings this unknown jock has for Kurt.

Thank you!

Only now that you said it I thought about why I did it. Would you believe if I told you it's because I'm shy? I don't interact a lot at puckurt but even so I think it's a really nice and welcoming place. Honestly, it's the only glee community I follow regularly and make my here and there rare comments. I don't even thought about posting this elsewhere. Thinking about it now, it seems super silly...

What others communities are there to post a fic like this? Gleeslash?

Yes, I think Gleeslash is fine. And this is a good story like I said so I'm glad you shared and I'm glad I got to read it :D it's too bad the OC wasn't Puck cause then you would be able to leave this in the community.

And well, since a mod hasn't complained maybe you're fine to leave it here...? I don't know all the rules I'm not a mod haha. But I think gleeslash will be an appropriate community to post it since it involves Kurt

You already know: someone from another comment said it wasn't agaisnt the rules so I won't take it from Puckurt. Even so, thank you for your help and time answering me. I really appreciate that.

I'll post it at gleeslash later.

Yea, I know now too that you're fine with this post here :) we both learned that :D and I'm sure the folks over at gleeslash will enjoy reading this when/if you crosspost it over there.

In my personal opinion, I don't think there was anything wrong with posting this to puckurt. Sure, it starts out with a faceless jock liking "the fag" and trying to hide it, but it was easy to figure out who the mystery jock was, a little more than four paragraphs in.
That, and so long as the story involves Puck and Kurt interacting somehow (even if it's pre-slash), I think it's fair game in the PK community.

Like I said, just my personal opinion.

Em... I don't know if you realize this but the mystery jock isn't Puck. There are a lot of similarities between the mystery jock and Puck and frankly if it were Puck then I won't have made the comment that I didn't know if it was supposed to be in puckurt. The author has Kurt/OC as the pairing in the beginning but that aside; there's a paragraph that makes it clear it's not Puck that is the nameless jock namely here:

Later, they hear that Hummel wasn’t crying, not anymore. People say he was flushed red, alright, but from anger. He’d shouted at Finn, who’d only tried to help him, and almost punched Puck, who made some comment about his “fine legs.” Apparently, he even slapped Sam when asked if he was wearing panties or briefs.

Maybe the boyfriend Kurt gets at the end is Puck but like I said I think that since the meat of the story has nothing to do with Puck and Kurt interacting I don't know how valid an entry it is in puckurt community. Then again it's up to the mods right?

I get your point and like I said I would agree with you if I thought this was preslash puckurt fic with Puck as the mystery tormentor but he's not.

Oh. OH. Oops, fail on my part! I totally didn't realize that until you pointed it out, which leads me to question just how firmly my Puck/Kurt tin hat is on. xD

I see what you mean now. Still, like you said, it's up to the mods.

Yeah someone pointed out in a different comment that a Kurt-centric fic they had written once as fine with the mods so I guess this one will be fine too as Kurt still plays a huge role.

which leads me to question just how firmly my Puck/Kurt tin hat is on.

LOL! Can't say I don't like how firmly your tinhat is on you. Mine is almost melting itself to my head.

Hi, I just wanted to say that a Puckurt mod contacted me, saying my fic wasn't a Kurt-centric but a Kurt/someone else so it was against the rules to post it there. The mod also said that they would let my fic there this one time, though.

I already knew that, because you pointed it out to me here first, but after I thought that it being one-sided didn't count. Well, it did. :)

But nevermind. I came here to say that you were right (you are right), and to thank you. Because you pointed it out to me I posted my fic at gleeslash and it received great comments after that!

I would never have thought at posting it there if it wasn't you. So thank you for being right and for being helpful. ;)

I'm very glad I was helpful in some way and I'm also glad that your fic was well received at Gleeslash :)

I look forward to a Puckurt fic that you write and post here :D

This was epic. Deliciously tortured and beautiful. So nice. You actually made me feel for your narrator. Well done!!!

I actually think that you made the right decision posting to puckurt. I wrote a dabble that was completely about Kurt and never mentioned Puck and I was told that was okay because the community accepts anything about Kurt, Puck, Chris or Mark. Plus this story definitely had some pre-slash hints of Puck/Kurt. Gleeslah is actually a nice community to post to as well.

Good to know... I didn't know that which is the only reason I asked :)

Thank you for your comment and for your help on that matter.

Plus this story definitely had some pre-slash hints of Puck/Kurt.

Can't help it but write it even if at the very end. It's stronger than me!

wow this is great!! nice job

Oh, Puck...

This was so dysfunctional and screwy and canon!Puck, I'll give you that, but it still doesn't make me wish for a happier ending any less. xD Still, really amazing job! I love the image of Kurt, barefoot and smiling, in a frilly white dress. ♥

When I first read your comment I felt so terrible thinking how I would break the news to you... Thankfully someone did that for me. You can't just tell someone Puck isn't closet-crushing on Kurt, that's a very sensitive subject. It's worse than pulling a bandaid.

But I wrote it so readers would think it was Puck (he's a jock, he's mean to Kurt, he has a sister...), only so they would realize it was wishful thinking, but being hopeful that he was the lucky boyfriend mentioned at the end.

Thank you for your comment! That image of Kurt wearing the dress was the main point of my prompt, so I'm glad you liked it.

LOL yes, it was a little soul-crushing, but I'm perfectly fine with living in my nice, little bubble in which Puck is Kurt's new boyfriend. (;

wow. O_O this was sooooo good. awesomely written!!

this was so genuinely voiced - the adamant refusal to even label what he's doing as denial because that would mean he actually has something to deny. it's scary how well you got into the head of this closet case and how close he got to actually hurting Kurt way more than usual.

Thank you! <3 It really is terrifying how someone can hurt the one they love just because they hate what they represent (and can't even identify their love for the other person).

This was gorgeous. Gorgeous and melancholy and very, very thought provoking. Because while I feel so awful for Kurt -having his tormentors strip him, humiliate him, and walk away - I am surprised at how much I sympathize with his unknown tormentor. You did such an incredible job at getting inside his head, capturing that mixture of denial, self-loathing, and uncertainty. And with the final sentences, we get a hint that Kurt is going to be fine (he has a boyfriend, but most importantly, he's still true to himself), but we're left wondering about the jock. The writing was incredible; you have a way with words and description that just added to the pervasive... sadness of this story. So well done!

Oh my! Thank you so much! If I had to do a prompt for this fic again I would use your comment!

I'm glad you felt this way reading my fic, it was exactly what I was aiming for.

I'll admit, when I saw "OC," I was iffy, and then at the beginning, once I got the gist of what this would be about... But you blew that ship out of the water pretty quickly.

This was bizarrely heartbreaking even while it was infuriating - I didn't expect to feel the first of those emotions toward a character who was being so horrific. alter_alterego says it far better than I could, and all that I can add was that this was definitely a worthwhile read.

Thank you for reading, for commenting, but more than anything, for giving my little fic a chance. ;) It means a lot, thanks a million.

I have no idea how I inspired this, but I am so glad my fic gave way to you writing this. It's so wonderful and kind of heart-breaking. You have a great character voice with the mystery jock, and even though he's obviously a homophobe and at odds with himself, you can't help but feel bad for him because he just doesn't understand. <3

Oh my!!!

You did it! It's all your fault! I can't thank you enough, seriously. Your fic inspired me and gave me courage to write my first ever fic in English. You have no idea how nervous I was before my first comment. But, just the fact that your fic triggered it inside me to finally do it, it means the world.

And even better, you liked it! <3 Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

This was absolutely brilliant. I felt for your OC so much even though he did an absolutely horrible thing.

The way you managed to get your readers to empathise with him, even as it became clear where his obsession with that dress was heading, was excellent.

Really incredible story. Thank you for sharing it :)

But actually it is what really happens. How many teenagers have to suffer the same psicological torture until they find out it's ok to like whomever they want? If you think about it their situation really is a pitiful one.

Thank you! <3

So I was talking to rachelismo about jock/Kurt, and she goes "Drika wrote it". I know you are good, but I was seriously not expecting this level of awesome.

Because HOLY SHIT. AWESOME. Kind of heart-breaking and sad, and so so good.

Thank you!

Awesome coming from you is totally awesome!!! XD

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